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The way of the warrior

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One 1 to 1 coaching session per week

Exercises and personalized tools

Voxer conversation to continue the transformation throughout the week

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Do you feel an emptiness, a dissatisfaction even if from the outside you seem to have it ALL?

Are you very successful externally but not fully happy? Do you not feel fulfilled or nourished? You want love, to feel good, to be respected, and valued! You would like to feel energized, wake up in the morning and be enthusiastic and true to yourself!

But maybe you are lost in your work. You're experiencing what society tells you is “success,” but inside you don't feel accomplished. You lack energy and may even have physical or health problems. In fact, you don't know yourself and you feel like your life is more in survival mode.

If you continue on this path, you may encounter major difficulties that will affect all facets of your life: health, family, friendships and/or your business! All this misalignment can cause: divorce, depression, addictions…

Let me bring you back to life!!! I will help you get out of survival mode and into a life that tastes good, feels good, looks great... an ORGASMIK life!!! A life full of taste and aligned with your inner self!


of deep transformation

THE program tailored to your needs!

The XBushido method is, 12 1 on 1 online coachings sessions of 1h30 over 12 weeks: a program tailored to your needs with tools/exercises and Voxer support with Jennifer so that you have the necessary support between appointments.


This program is for warriors who are ready to get the help they need to overcome the challenges that prevent them from performing to their maximum capacity and fully experiencing their alignment.

​The goal is to bring you back to your X so that you are aligned and connected to your human side by dropping the social masks that lock you up in your made-up prison!


Find pure freedom and reconnect to your childhood joy. The ups and downs of life no longer affect you as much as they used to. Reconnect with your self-confidence, with others and with life! The inner power that gives you physical and mental strength. Become aligned with what you want to attract what you desire!

No bullshit. 100% focus. Courage and self conquering.

Become the creative hero of your life!

Based on 10 years of learning


To know oneself:

Go out and fight your inner demons: past relationships, childhood, beliefs, limitations, etc. Awaken the true inner self and cleanse the relationship between your body and mind. Coming home + Developing self-awareness.

Conquer yourself; Learn to love yourself again:

Start exploring what you’re really like. What makes you feel good, connected and joyful? Bring the fun back into your life. Take care of yourself, meditate, recognize your strengths and identify your unfulfilled needs. The self at the center of one's life.



The courage to take full responsibility for oneself:

How to transmute your darkness and see the strengths of our dark side. Transform the victim into a hero and learn to play with the twists and turns of your life. Everything happens for a reason: life is always built for us. The law of attraction. Return to your true desires and build a life on your own terms. Let go of social behaviours and change your lifestyle habits.

Conquer yourself, conquer the world:

No longer afraid of the opinions of others, letting go of hurt, total control of your life: master of transformation, mastery of your entire mental, emotional and physical being. Live a life of fullness, inner peace, energy, and curiosity! Free yourself from blockages, victorious over yourself and your life. Embody true alignment and become the master of your life. Be on your X!


At the end of the XBushido path, you will be on your X: the place where you are powerful, where you have won the inner battle!

Connected to yourselves, you now live on your own terms. You understand your true power and know how to use it. Creating a life based on your desires, not those of society. Healed from the past. Excited about the future. Feeling powerful, vibrant and unstoppable!

Reserve XBushido 12 sem en ligne

Book now:

Vibrate on your “X” with the XBUSHIDO method!

We will get back to you shortly!





Jennifer is a passionate woman in love with life itself!

She has a rich journey in the field of personal growth and an impressive pedigree of certifications: certified NLP coach, hypnotherapist, Sivananda lineage yoga teacher, boxing and Zumba coach, massage therapist, tantra training, creator of the Jayajuice company, access bar practitioner, and more!

It all began with a personal quest to get herself out of the troubled waters, to LIVE instead of survive. She conquered her demons, her fears, her inner and outer enemies.

Today, she is a victorious goddess of love and beauty (hence her spiritual name Jaya Devi). She guides healing retreats and VIP "tailor-made" programs which lead people toward optimal holistic mind/body/soul/ health. She helps bring out the life of your dreams with the help of her revolutionary XBUSHIDO: Conquer yourself, conquer the world!


The Jaya effect!

Jaya :

Victorious goddess of love

who walked the path of the warrior


Authentic and unmistakable, Jaya is a woman dedicated to helping people through life's challenges: getting out of violent/toxic relationships, stopping addictions, healthy weight loss, accepting and loving your body and much more!

What makes Jaya's approach so powerful is her ability to make a personal connection with her clients. She has walked the path she teaches today and has experienced the ups and downs her clients experience! Accomplished and passionate about transformation, she is now a guide to rapid transition and self-mastery.

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