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Holistic Health Healer


Jennifer is a passionate woman in love with life itself. Her mission is to bring people out of a life of survival towards a life that suits them, an orgasmikkkk life! Nothing less. She will guide you to become the boss of your life and fully regain your power. She will know how to transmit to you love of self, of life and of others.

She has a rich journey in the field of personal growth and an impressive pedigree of certifications: certified NLP coach, hypnotherapist, Sivananda lineage yoga teacher, boxing and Zumba coach, massage therapist, creator of the jayajuice company, access bar practitioner, etc. 


It all began with a personal quest to get herself out of the troubled waters, to LIVE instead of surviving. She conquered her demons, her fears, her inner and outer enemies.


Today, she is a victorious goddess of love and beauty (hence her spiritual name Jaya Devi). She guides healing retreats and VIP "tailor-made" programs which lead people toward optimal holistic mind/body/soul/ health. She helps bring out the life of your dreams with the help of her revolutionary XBUSHIDO transformation method in 4 unique steps: Conquer yourself, conquer the world to live an authentic and orgasmik life!!!


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